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Founder & Exec. Director
Chief Administrator
Executive Coordinator
Executive Youth Coordinator
Founder & Exec. Director
Paulita Hood-Barnes

Certified Life Coach & Mentor of QueensSpritualLifeCoach

I was fortunate and blessed to have been raised by a remarkable God-Fearing woman who loved, inspired and molded me into the woman I am today! That woman is my Mother, who I affectionately call my Queen! My “Queen” was a virtuous woman, a true matriarch of her family and her community.

As her only daughter, my mother showed me what it means to be resilient! I watched her fight through her adversities and overcome them. Whatever she was faced with, she never saw a reason to give up or remove her crown. She was a Queen, who mastered herself. She wasn't perfect but she was complete.


Following in her footsteps, raising not one, but two beautiful Queens of my own, I'm honored to crown my daughters with the gems my mother passed on to me. Embracing them with her principles and values; led me to have a passion for mentoring, inspiring and elevating women and girls of all ages! 

I honor God, for giving me the vision for Queens Crown Queens. I'm committed to doing His will by, empowering and elevating the lives of others. Remembering 'Who' you are & 'Whose' you are can change any situation. Connecting with your inner truth and bringing that truth into existence!  

Proverbs: 31 29-31

Many woman do noble things, but you surpass them all. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but  a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.   

Chief Administrator
Sandra Jackson-Mitchell

Owner of “Sandi Kay VA-Virtual Administrator

QCQ, motivates me to see what other "Queens" look like.


Being a mother and grandmother, of three beautiful Queens, I didn't have the privilege of someone giving me a crown. I had to find my truth, my inner peace...before learning the importance of wearing a crown! It wasn't easy, but with God's grace, I now wear "my crown" with poise, dignity, and pride! It gives me joy, to crown my daughters & granddaughter and show them what a Queen looks like.


It would be an injustice, for me not to share my experiences with other Queens, who struggle to find their own crown. A win for one Queen is a win for all!

Chief Administrator
Executive Coordinator
Jamirah Williams

Owner of Mira’s Stylez & Creationz

As a single mother raising a young King, I know first hand, having a support system to rely on is very important!

Growing up, my mother and grandmother taught me the significance of my crown. They nurtured me into a beautiful, confident, self-driven, loving woman. A woman who walks by faith, not by sight. As a board member of QCQ, my goal is to support women and girls in finding their purpose, connecting to their passion and learning the significance of their crowns. 

A Queen to me is a woman who leads, brings positive energy and who's presence is felt immediately when she enters a room! 

Executive Coordinator
Executive Youth Coordinator
Janiyah Barnes

Owner of Niyah’s Essentials

I'm thankful to have my mother and sister teaching me the values of being a Queen. As a young Queen, I'm learning the behaviors of how a Queen walks, talks and conducts herself. At times, my crown may tilt to one side, but I know I have the ability to straighten it back up to its proper position! I believe following their footsteps, I can inspire girls my age how to be a Queen.

I may be a young Queen, but looking in the mirror; I know I'm worthy and deserve every good thing life has to offer!

Executive Youth Coodinator
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